On Paper

We now know when the Hallmark Channel movie Lindsay stars in will air! It will be on Saturday, September 20th at 9pm ET/PT 8C.

Here’s the synopsis for it…


An idealistic, young book editor reluctantly moves to Los Angeles to edit a famous author’s latest romance novel. As she struggles to maintain her integrity while battling the bestselling diva’s demands, she meets two very different men and learns that the best romantic choice is not always the one who looks best “on paper.” Stars: Lindsay Hartley, Morgan Fairchild and Drew Fuller. Premieres: Saturday, September 20 @ 9pm ET/PT, 8C.

(Source: broadwayworld.com)

Lindsay is starring in a new Hallmark movie called “On Paper”!

The following pics are courtesy of either Lindsay’s twitter or Bart Johnson’s twitter!

Candid pics of Lindsay from a few months ago at TV Guide Magazine’s photobooth for the All My Children premiere.